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Pglet v0.6 release

ยท One min read
Feodor Fitsner

We are thrilled to announce Pglet v0.6.0 and updated Python client!

Notable changes:

  • Added focused property, on_focus and on_blur events to all input controls - paving the way to a proper validation support.
  • New Persona control.
  • New ComboBox control.
  • New page events: connect and disconnect for real-time chat-like experiences.
  • Harmonization of border styling propeties across Stack, Image, IFrame and Text controls: HTML-ish border property with mixed and confusing to non-web devs semantics (1px solid black or solid 1px black?) replaced with clean and simple border_style, border_width and border_color properties.
  • All boolean and enum-like properties are protected with beartype.
  • Fixed all Python tests to ensure Pglet works nice with Python 3.7 and above. Big shout-out to @mikaelho for helping with that!
  • Black and isort was adopted as official Python formatting tools.
  • Generating platform-specific wheels (.whl) with one pglet executable inside only: smaller wheels - faster installation!