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A banner displays errors, warnings, or important information about an open app or file. For example, if a file failed to upload an error message bar should appear.



valuestringMessage text.
typestringinfoMessage type: info (default), error, blocked, severeWarning, success, warning
multilineboolfalseDetermines if the message bar is multi lined. If false, and the text overflows over buttons or to another line, it is clipped.
truncatedboolfalseDetermines if the message bar text is truncated. If true, a button will render to toggle between a single line view and multiline view. This prop is for single line message bars with no buttons only in a limited space scenario.
dismissboolfalseWhether to display "dismiss" button.
iconstringCustom icon to replace the message bar icon. If unset, default will be the icon set by message type.
iconColorstringMessage icon color.
dismissIconstringCustom icon to replace the dismiss icon. If unset, default will be "Clear" icon.
dismissIconColorstringCustom dismiss icon color.
datastringAdditional data attached to the control. The value is passed in click event data.


dismissFires when the message is dismissed.

Child controls#

Button control#

Allows adding custom action buttons on the right side or message, e.g. "Yes/No", "Abort/Retry/Ignore".


textstringButton text.
actionstringThe value to pass into dismiss event when the button is clicked. The text value is used if action is not specified.