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A navigation pane provides links to the main areas of an app or site.



valuestringKey of the selected nav item.


changeFires when the selected nav item is changed.
expandFires when nav item is expanded. Item's key is passed in event data.
collapseFires when nav item is collapsed. Item's key is passed in event data.

Child controls#

Item control#

Represents a group or a link item within Nav control. Top level item controls are rendered as groups.


keystringAn key to uniquely identify a link. text value is used if key is not specified.
textstringText to render for this link. key value is used if text is not specified.
iconstringAn optional icon to show next to the nav link.
iconColorstringIcon color.
urlstringURL to navigate to for this link.
newWindowboolfalseWhether to open link in a new browser window.
expandedboolfalseWhether or not the link is in an expanded state. By default group is expanded and link is collapsed.

Child controls#

Item control can contain other item controls to build links tree.