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Represents a textbox element with optional label, hint and validation messages.



valuestringCurrent value of the textbox.
labelstringLabel to display above the textbox.
placeholderstringThe short hint displayed in the textbox before the user enters a value.
errorMessagestringStatic error message displayed below the textbox.
descriptionstringDescription displayed below the textbox to provide additional details about what text to enter.
prefixstringPrefix displayed before the textbox contents. This is not included in the value.
suffixstringSuffix displayed after the textbox contents. This is not included in the value.
iconstringIcon shown in the textbox.
iconColorstringIcon color.
multilineboolfalseWhether or not the textbox is a multiline text field.
requiredboolfalseDisplay textbox as required.
readOnlyboolfalseIf true, the textbox is readonly.
autoAdjustHeightboolfalseFor multiline textboxes, whether or not to auto adjust textbox height.
borderlessboolfalseWhether or not the textbox is borderless.
underlinedboolfalseWhether or not the textbox is underlined.
alignstringleftText alignment within textbox: left or right.
passwordboolfalseWhether the textbox is a masked field for entering password.
onChangeboolfalseWhether change event should be fired while text is typed into the Textbox. This property is used by command-based client libraries only like Bash.


changeFires when the typed input for the Textbox has changed. For performance optimization this event is disabled unless onChange property set to true.