Progress are used to show the completion status of an operation lasting more than 2 seconds. If the state of progress cannot be determined, use a Spinner instead.


valuenumberPercentage of the operation's completeness, numerically between 0 and 100. If this is not set, the indeterminate progress animation will be shown instead.
labelstringLabel to display above the control.
descriptionstringText describing or supplementing the operation.


Adding a new "indeterminate" progress indicator onto the page:

prog = page.add(Progress(label="Preparing tests...", width="100%"))

Updating progress indicator in a loop:

for i = range(11):
prog.label = f"Doing step {i}..."
prog.value = i * 10
page.update(prog, fire_and_forget=True)

When fire_and_forget is set to True the client is not awaiting for update command result to come back from Pglet server. This could drastically speed up the interaction with a page, but you should be aware that possible errors could stay unnoticed.