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Pglet 0.2.2

· 2 min read
Feodor Fitsner
Pglet founder and developer

Pglet 0.2.2 adds the first chart control - VerticalBarChart:

View live demo of VerticalBarChart control

Theming improvements#

All color-like attributes in all controls can now accept Fluent UI theme slot colors and "shared" colors.

The list of theme colors can be found on Fluent UI Theme Slots page.

The list of shared colors can be found on Fluent UI Shared Colors page.

For example, you can add an icon with themePrimary color:

add icon name=shop color=themePrimary

Color is being searched in the following order:

  1. Theme slot color
  2. Shared color
  3. Fallback to a named web color or color hex value.

Other fixes and improvements#

  • #43 Nav control: unify expanded/collapsed for groups and items
  • #45 ChoiceGroup control: Add "iconColor" property to Option
  • #46 Stack control: add "wrap" property
  • #47 Text control: Markdown mode
  • #48 Chart control: VerticalBarChart
  • #49 Add "trim" attribute to "add" command
  • #52 All color attributes accept theme slot colors and shared colors
  • #53 New control: Image
  • #54 Link control: can contain child controls and other improvements
  • #55 Text control: new "border*" properties

Give Pglet a try and let us know what you think! There are multiple feedback channels available: