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Panels are overlays that contain supplementary content and are used for complex creation, edit, or management experiences. For example, viewing details about an item in a list or editing settings.


openboolfalseWhether the panel is shown.
titlestringThe title text to display at the top of the panel.
typestringType of the panel: small, smallLeft, medium, large, largeFixed, extraLarge, fluid, custom, customLeft.
autoDismissboolfalseWhether panel should be automatically hidden when dismissed.
lightDismissboolfalseWhether the panel can be light dismissed.
widthstringCustom width of custom or customLeft type panel.
blockingboolfalseWhether the panel uses a modal overlay or not.
datastringAdditional data attached to the control. The value is passed in dismiss event data.


dismissFires when the panel is dismissed. Panel is dismissed when a user clicks "close" button or clicks outside of non-blocking panel.

Child controls#

  • Any control - will be rendered in the body of the panel.
  • Footer

Footer control#

Serves as a container for panel footer controls.

Child controls#

Any control.